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30 November 2013
Effenaar, Eindhoven
Start 23:00 hrs

13 December 2013
Tivoli Utrecht
Start 23:00 hrs
The true story about the Matjesdisco

How it happened
The Matjesdisco (or in English: Mullet disco) was born in 2008 in the OT301 in Amsterdam. Klerezooi, Tom Schivez and Castelli from Helli were drinking some beers and talking about parties when all of a sudden a meteorite hit the bar they sat at. No panic, nobody was hurt but something strange happened. In exactly 3 minutes our hair grew and we all had a big Mullet. Now everbody knows that strange things can happen when meteorites hit the earth (look at Superman) but still it was kind of a weird experience. After the 3 minutes were our hair grew we looked at each other and laughed, we looked ridiculous and right at that very moment the radio played ‘Bad’ from Michael Jackson. Yes! all pieces fell together and the Matjesdisco was born.

What it is
The Matjesdisco is a very simple concept but you know, simple things work best and so does the Matjesdisco. To make a succesful Matjesdisco we need the following ingredients:

the 3 most important ones are:

1) ‘Good’ music! (this varies from 80’s and 90’s stuff to electro, balkan, rock, trash and all other crazy party tunes) basicly it’s just a mix of crazy bad tunes that most of the people know mixed with some electronic stuff. It just needs the energy to make people go insane!

2) A bar that sells beer and wine and if possible other stuff like Wodka. Also Coke, 7up, Chocolate milk and Fristi is allowed for those that still need to drive or have big problems dealing with hangovers the day after

3) A happy crowd and to make this happen it}s very important that most people come dressed up in Matjesstyle. If you havent got a clue what this so called Matjesstyle is then go check our styling tips.

Then there is a few ingredients to make the party even better:

4) Decoration, yes, cheap thrasy stuff from the 80’s is perfect but in a way everything is possible as long as it doesnt look to good, if you know what I mean.

5) A low entrance price. We prefer to keep the entrnace price on 5 euros because we think there is to many expensive parties with big line ups that are not even fun. We think a party should be fun and to make it fun you don’t always need a lot of cash.

The line up
The Matjesdisco has 2 resident DJ’s: Klerezooi and Tom Schivez. Klerezooi is a DJ team with 2 and sometimes 3 girls behind the decks. They play all those great (or terrible) old 7 inches and dance like maniacs to get the crowd going. To describe how and what they do we just need a few words: tits and 80’s hits’. I think thats pretty clear. Tom Schivez plays a mash up of electro and other trashy tunes but has a main focus on electro remixes of 80’s tracks, in other words, he plays the ‘best’ of both worlds.
To complete our line up we always invite 1 or 2 extra DJ’s. In our past events we had for example: Viesjel & Zayke, MNO, Lustige Lola und Weltschmerz, Sjonnie & Anita and Perestroika Soundsystem.

Are you interested in bringing the Matjesdisco to your venue or Festival then send us a mail and we’ll see if we can sort it out

mail to: bookings(at)
Pictures by Roel Determeijer